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29/09/97: reorganised and expanded guitar tabs section
01/10/97: added silly pictures
02/10/97: more guitar tabs
08/10/97: added WHO's for list members and domain analysis; re-did some tabs
10/10/97: MORE tabs this time for Tigermilk
13/10/97: added new B&S site
15/10/97: added "Comments" form and Pastie tab
16/10/97: digest comments section; picture by Shanta
21/10/97: added to Comments form, "Beautiful" tabs, Psion 5
22/10/97: added Laura to credits; and more tabs
24/10/97: removed comments to nuther page, cosmetic nonsense
31/10/97: spooky list archive searching added for Halloween
02/11/97: searching cleaned up and works for phrases
06/11/97: comments now work with any browser; added Tigermilks and mishearings
14/11/97: added chords/lyrics for Tigermilk and Others songs
21/11/97  more mishearings and 369 chords
26/11/97  Seymour Stein chords
08/12/97  Chat info
10/12/97  Log of Virgin chat with David and Katrina
15/12/97  Manchester gig meetup details
05/01/98 Tiny tweakings of some chords
16/01/98 Screensaver!  (now removed - be patient for a better one - apparently)
26/01/98 Link to people page
05/02/98 Details of B&S chat and new LP cover?
12/02/98 Final chat date announcement
13/02/98 HoneyBirthday
26/02/98 Tidy up and links to David's FAQ, made People more obvious
06/03/98 Final information for online chat - PLEASE READ
06/03/98 Thumbnails on photo pages (god, we're beautiful)
12/03/98 Log of the IRC chat with the band now online
24/03/98 Massively updated list of frequently asked questions - PLEASE READ.
26/03/98 WWW archives of list are now monthly, not weekly, as is search; monthly-zips now work
22/04/97 Keith's B&S document online
30/04/97 Hear Splat speak, and Oon's article from "GT"
15/06/98 See mailing errors from the list for list problems
12/07/98 News page for tour, release news from the list - please check here first before asking
19/07/98 UK tour news; comments form now working :)
22/07/98 News sites stuff, unsubbing stuff, stuff stuff
23/07/98 Rewrote bits for Jeepster sites and generally messed around.
24/08/98 Things We Made In School Today, Mummy
22/09/98 Guitar tabs for TBWTAS
31/10/98 Spooky Halloween-style list admin for possible relocation of list: WWW archives now updated instantaneously; online list membership record now updated hourly; and I'll put up the latest TBWTAS guitar tabs soon honestly...
24/11/98 FAQ updated; TBWTAS chords "delegated"; working on whole new archive/search thing
25/11/98 Archives and Searching completely redone: archives now split over pages for speed, and searching is vastly quicker and more capable. PLEASE TRY AND LET ME KNOW!
14/01/99 Posting to the list is now restricted to email subscribers only - see the FAQ.
29/01/99 FAQ updated
01/02/99 Nursery period added for new subscribers.
05/02/99 Photo pages
17/02/99 Belle and Sebastian win a Brit Award
27/02/99 Sinister list back online - archives and searching available again in two jiffies
02/03/99 We're cooking
06/03/99 Please see new section on sending plain text messages to the list
14/03/99 Quick search on front page; comments form now fixed (again) (gulp); memberships all sorted
21/03/99 Animationmania
31/03/99 New photos now get a big fat smelly border
01/04/99 Wildly out-of-date chords for TBWTAS and MRS now online
05/04/99 Rather poor press archive added
07/04/99 Quick! Tell Splat if you're going to the Bowlie Weekender!
17/04/99 Pre-packed list searches on front page for the finger-challenged and weary
19/04/99 Sinister Midnight Lending Library now open; details of the pre-Bowlie extravaganza.
18/04/99 New errors file format to make it easier to see if you have list problems.
02/05/99 New stories in the Sinister Library from Jessica, Jarkko and Blake; proof that the kids are still alright from Bowlie; Swedish Picnic pics on the new picnics page and a new concerts page
16/05/99 The World In 160 characters
12/06/99 "Is it fuck at Kilmarnock! It's at Ayr United.", The Yo-Yo Champion, Lonely Lyrics
12/07/99 Drama at the Neighbors, Walk on the Ocean, The Wrong Girl tab
14/07/99 The B&S band site has been completely redone - go and have a butchers.
02/08/99 "The Summer Line" in the library, and a big bag of new photos
12/09/99 Big changes afoot for archive and searching. Please read this note.
16/09/99 Search now working again
22/09/99 Loads of new and rather fine stories in Miss Honey's Library
26/10/99 Big thanks to Heath of for offering to host the photo galleries and prolong the sex lives of Sinistereens who hopefully in due course will makes lots more Sinister babies
25/11/99 New photo gallery! Go and see the Sinister Body Parts page, and Mr Damon's textual analysis and bodypart summary.
21/12/99 There are likely to be interruptions to the list as it's moved to a new home soon.
08/01/00 All list addresses have now changed - send list mails to and subscriptions to See FAQ for details.
13/01/00 The list crush returns in a new intimidating way.
14/01/00 Search for an email address on the list.
16/01/00 Guitar tab for Loneliness of the Middle Distance Runner added; more stories in the library.
10/02/00 Mike Jones' interview with Stuart David added. Loads more photos.
17/02/00 The old online archives got really gummed up in the last few weeks - a result of some bad hardware problems at They were always a little slow at responding to new mails, so I've completely redone all the archives at a new site - big thanks to Heath for offering space again. The new archives should be bang up to date as new mails arrive on the list. The search currently isn't working at the new site (grrr), so please make do with old search for now.
18/02/00 OK! The search is (as good as) working in the new archives now. I've brought back the old cheeky "search suggestions" at the top of this page. Suggestions for searches that bring real gems out the archive to me please.

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