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Firstly, if you've come here from an external link, this page contains guitar chords for most released and some unreleased B&S songs. They're transcribed by members of the Belle and Sebastian mailing list, "Sinister". They're a bit higgledy-piggedly but that's because we are too. If you like them, or like us, why don't you take a look at the mailing list home page as well, or pop along to the list archives and have a little snoop.

The Tabs

The Sinister mailing list has big bag full of guitar tabs/chords for Belle and Sebastian songs - these are included here for anyone interested. It's always hard choosing between different people's versions, and we get sent lots, so apologies to anyone who sent in chords and they're not here: in some cases it's first come first served, in others I arbitrarily pick whatever looks more complete. And yes I understand this is open to interpretation, and mine is often wrong: if you have an alternate version, I suggest you mail the person whose name is on the version below and see if you can both agree on a new set of chords, then send them back to me together. Then you both get your names in lights :) It's quite hard to manage this so please don't mail me and say "these chords are better" - I can't decide for you and I'll end up crying in the corner.

Right now, Damon The Enforcer has kindly volunteered to take care of any new contributions. He's just finished sorting them out for Fold Your Wotsits, so you'll find them below. The lovely Damon is at:

Just click on the title names for each released LP/EP to see the chords.

Tigermilk (L.P.)

The State I Am In  (Alan)
Expectations  (Ben T)
She's Losing It   (Ben T)
You're Just A Baby
Electronic Renaissance  (Keith)
I Could Be Dreaming  (Allen)
We Rule The School  (Alan)
My Wandering Days Are Over  (Alan)
I Don't Love Anyone  (Tim)
Mary Jo (Teri)

If You're Feeling Sinister (L.P.)

The Stars of Track and Field  (Alan)
Seeing Other People  (Ben)
Me And The Major  (Ben)
Dylan In The Movies  (Ben)
Fox In The Snow  (Ben)

Get Me Away From Here, I'm Dying  (Ben)
If You're Feeling Sinister  (Ben)
Mayfly  (Ben)
The Boy Done Wrong Again  (Ben)
Judy And The Dream Of Horses  (Johnny/Ben)

The Boy With The Arab Strap (L.P.)


Fold Your Hands Child You Walk Like A Peasant (L.P.)

I fought in a war (Micheal Shaye
The model (Pauline Mallee
Beyond the sunrise (none really)
Waiting for the moon to rise (Pauline Mallee
Don't leave the light on baby (Pauline Mallee
The wrong girl (IndiaRubb
The chalet lines (Pauline Mallee
Nice day for a sulk (IndiaRubb
Women's realm (IndiaRubb
Family tree (Michael Cronshaw
There's too much love (IndiaRubb
There's too much love (Ken the Juggler

Dog On Wheels (E.P.)

Dog On Wheels  (Alan)
The State I Am In  (Dazza)
String Bean Jean  (Rhys)
Belle And Sebastian  (Dazza,Riddley13)

Lazy Line Painter Jane (E.P.) 

Lazy Line Painter Jane  (Ben)
You Made Me Forget My Dreams (S.A.Clarke)
Photograph Of Jenny  (S.A.Clarke)
A Century Of Elvis  (S.A.Clarke)

3, 6, 9 Seconds Of Light (E.P.) 

A Century of Fakers  (Keith)
Le Pastie De La Bourgeosie  (Rob)
Beautiful  (M.R.Waggner)
Put The Book Back On The Shelf  (Mario)
On The Radio  (Mario)

Modern Rock Song (E.P.) 



Pocketbook Angel (Dazza) Loneliness Of The Middle Distance Runner (Greg Ford)

More contributions welcome. Right now, you should send them to:

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