Tigermilks Register

Just for fun I thought we'd see how many Tigermilks we could find. Here's the results so far (10% of all pressed copies)

Update 2005: um, it's become quite obvious this is just for fun, as no-one tells you when they sell their copy on Ebay! Unless anyone out there wants to check Ebay every day and compile the definitive list for Sinister...

Definite Sightings (57)

JJ Heldman (1) Michigan, US
Steve Genge (1) Portsmouth, UK
David and Katrina (1) UK
David and Katrina's friend Simon (1), East London, UK
Mark Jones (3) UK
Stef (3) UK
Stuart Murdoch (1) West Glasgow, UK
Simon Collins (1) Aberdeen, UK
Peter Miller and Arantxa Ubieta (1) Renteria, The Basque Country, Spain
stinger (1) California, US
John Johnston (1) Hammersmith, UK
Ben Ferneyhough's mate Paul (1), Oxford, UK
Tim Hopkin's friend Charlotte (1), Leeds, UK
Andy Dean (1), UK
Charlotte Hall, her friend Greg and his friend (3) UK
Laura Meutzelfeldt (1) Glasgow, UK
Geoff Allen (1) Glasgow, UK
Neil Hargreaves (1) Orkney, UK
Neil Humphreys (1) Glasgow, UK
Keith Watson (1), Glasgow UK
Ritchie Thomson (1), Edinburgh UK
Ken (1) Edinburgh, UK
Paul Dean (1) Derbyshire, UK
Jonathan Bibby (1) Lancashire, UK
Robert McTaggart's friends (4) UK
KR, Keith's mate (1) Edinburgh, UK
Athole McLaughlin (1)
Guyda Armstrong (1) Leeds, UK
Grant Macnamara (1) Edinburgh, UK
Rhys Williams (1) Cardiff, UK
John Stuart (1) Roslin, UK
totv (1)
Hannah (1) Northampton, UK
Rory (1) Glasgow, UK
Lucy Munro's friends Ben, Rupert, Steve (3) UK
Dickon: Amelia Fletcher, Sandy Blair, Harvey Williams (3)
Joseph (1), Leeds, UK
Julia's friend, Jack (1) Glasgow, UK
Duke's mate, Fergus (1) Exeter, UK
Nick Forgacs (2) London, UK
Tim Hopkins' mate Zoe (1) Preston, UK
Thomas Henderson (1) Coatbridge, UK
Tom Tollefsen (1) Florida, USA

Probable Sightings (49?)

Ungrateful journos and radio stations (about 45) UK
Tom Zutaut (1) US
The Tigermilk cover star (1), Cricklewood UK (according to the duke)
WNUH 91.1FM (1) New Hampshire, US
Avalanche Records ("lost in the basement") (2) Edinburgh, UK
Keith D'Arcy, Testcard Towers (1) New Jersey, US
Mark Radcliffe (1), BBC Radio 1, UK
Radio station (1), Danbury CT, USA
Blanco Y Negro (1)

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