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Copyright permitting this page will contain ALL  Lyricz so you can brighten up your sad miserable existence, just by pretending for one pitiable moment in front of the mirror with a toilet roll for a microphone that YOU TOO were one of the intelligent, tough, hopelessly sexy Girlz from Droolz.  Here'z the next single, written by Starry Droolz!


Here at night, in a lost and lonely discotheque,
Woooah, held in time,
In a world of lipstick we twirl around,
Goin' home,
We just can't make it on our own,
We really should be holding Droolz,
Loving Droolz,
Looo-ooo-ving Droolz!

Now the weekends gone but Droolz rool on,
When Pookie pouts and Starry twirls and Honey whirls,
Everyone loves us we're going somewhere!
When ThaiDroolz sings swings and Sezzies sings, Pam strums guitar,
Everyone loves us we're gonna go far!!!

Snappy dance routine to fade

"Luscious Birdz with Sexy Wordz"