R U A Klone??


Starry Droolz has taken at least TEN minutez out of her packed schedule to compile the following quiz.  So find out, if you like 6,000,000 other visitors to this website this month are a Droolz Klone!  U've got their songz, u've got the video, got the posterz'n' Droolz Kitten Heels (tm), but r u trulee a Droolz klone? Do r funktastic kwiz - and find out!!!!


1)  It'z a luvlee sunee day, and u're kickin' back and chillin' in the sun! But what r u daydreemin' about?

a) those gorgeouz new pink high heeled slipperz that would go so well with u're baby pink satin nightdrezz wit' the fluffy trim!

b) tonightz fight with members of Grimzargh Boyz over gang territoriez. And your victoree. While ztill in impecable makeup and pretty drezz and lipztick unzmeared!

c) the tablez at Vegaz. Ahhh the neon sign... itz almost as if it understandz...

d) how hard it iz being a woman...giving all your love to juzt one man...

e) the amount of venture capital needed for future investment propositions.

f) The milkshakez from the Coffee House - I swear, Harold must have a magic machine hidden away somewhere, you mark my words!

g) that boy....four legs and those studly hornz...sigh! he is a boy. He is.

2) Wow! U've won a dreem date! Who do u pick go to out wif for some hot action?!

a) u like u're men to be soooperstars, with big muscles and sexy macho bunz, so it would have to be Dale Winton.

b) someone who could hold their pintz, like scary muzic and look like a cherub angel of sweetnezz, so - Tim Hopkins is your man!

c) zomeone with financial zupport for your pleazuretime excessez, so, MR BIG, or someone in the Blackjack Mafia.

d) Jimmy Nail.

e) u like your datez to have fine figurez, so u'd go for a sexy, smooth and streamlined calculator to tot up your figurez well into the night!

f) older men are so attractive! So Donald Fisher of course rocks u're boat!

g) Mick Cooke out of some indie-loser band. Or Bobby Gillezpie. In knee high bootz. And a red coat. With yellow stripes.

3) Woo! U've chosen your boy, and he's offered to buy u a drink from the grown upz drinking place! What will you have?

a) 'sex on the beach'. and to drink, zum babycham!

b) 12 pintz of Caffreyz please. With umbrellaz and sparklerz mind u....

c) Whatever Mr Big choosez, sir.

d) A glass of pure ballad heartache, on the rocks. Thanks moe.

e) San Pelligrino mineral wasser. It is pure. Like my unsullied pure body. It is not bothered by emotionz.

f) A banana flavoured smoothie with a twist please.

g) Moose-milk. Mmm yez. Milk.

4) U've got u're drinkz, and u're snuggled up cloze! But argh! Major potential for B.O embarassment! Luckily you sprayed yourself with perfume before u came out! Are you wearing:

a) Charley Red! Sophisticated, sexy and oh so you!

b) The smell of TEEN SPIRIT wafts alluringly round your person...

c) Mr Bigs patented Casino-Girl bodyspray, mmmm! Smell the Craps!

d) perfume doesn't disguise the smell of your own personal anguish.

e) the smell of fresh capitalism in the morning. Rubbed all over my naked body while I pleasure myself with the Financial Times.

f) Desert Drongo - for the wallaby in you....grrr!

g) you go natural, and rub snow over your body each morning!

5) When u wake up in the morning, r u:

a) dishevelled, with tousled hair, wondering who the lovely once-innocent boy lying in your tempting silk sheets is...

b) hard as rock, pretty as a picture and queer as folk?

c) hiding from loan-sharks?

d) realizing that you dreamt a marvellous steel guitar ballad in your sleep, but have forgotten it now as is the mundanity of life?

e) shouting "heil! heil!"?

f) upside down?

g) poised, ready and willing to get going on the mean streets with your faithful husky??


That'z it fur now! Expect zum more to come!

"Trust The Chickz with Geetar Lickz"