TheInternet Fanclub

It'z for the Kidz!!

Congratulationz!  Your password has been accepted and you are now a fully qualifed  Drone!  It'z Derek here, founding member of the Droolz Dronez Internet FanClub!!!  This is a FULLY OFFICIAL FanClub supported by ALL the band and I have PERZONALLY SPOKEN to Miss Honey Droolz once on the PHONE for 2 minutez 38 secondz! who assisted in setting thiz up and BOY was my receiver sweaty after THAT call!!!  Anywayz, exclusively for members, I'm hoping soon to compile a HUGE CATALOGUE of semi-naked Droolz shots here to MAKE YOU DROOL!!!!  While you're waiting, here's a picture of me at Droolz Dronez Central!!! I know it'z not quite the same as those naughty picturez of those delicious girlz comparing lipstickz in the nude, but hey! maybe there are some female Droolz fans out there, or the odd homosexual - if you like what you see get in touch!!!!

And here'z our FIRST CONTRIBUTION!  The Reverend Hopkins has sent in this VERY candid shot of the three  beauties Honey, Oon and Pookie relaxing by the pool at Whitney Houston's villa on a Max Factor Detox Weekend - it'z a bit shakey and blurred but HEY! who can blame His Nibs!!!!  Who wouldn't be shaking and unpleasantly sweaty at the sight of THESE three babes!!!


More contributionz SOON and REMEMBER!!! If Droning'z Your Plan, Drone Derek's Your Man!!!

"Chickz In Skirtz With Tunes That Hurtz"