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Outlook 98
Outlook Express (e-mail interface for MSIE 4.0) - removing HTML and Base64
Eudora 4.x
Netscape Mail - Getting rid of double messages
Microsoft Exchange/Microsoft Messaging - turning off RTF
Microsoft Internet Mail - turning off RTF


Outlook 98:

Tools/Options/Mail Format.  Change Message Format to plain text.


Date:    Thu, 13 Nov 1997 21:55:57 -0800
From:    Clark Pickett 

In Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 and its new e-mail interface called
Outlook Express (not Outlook, which is part of MS Office 97), the default
format for message preparation is HTML formatting.

To change your default option for message preparation to plain text, follow
these steps:

1.  Open Outlook Express.
2.  Click on the "Tools" menu.
3.  Click on the "Options..." selection.
4.  Click on the "Send" tab.
5.  In the "Mail sending format" area, select "Plain Text".
6.  Click on the "Settings..." button next to "Plain Text".
7.  In the "Message format" area, make sure that:
    o  "MIME" is selected
    o  The selection for the list box entitled "Encode text using:"
       shows "None"
    o  "Allow 8-bit characters in headers" is NOT selected
8.  Click OK to exit the "Plain Text Settings" menu.
9.  Click OK to exit the "Options" menu and set the selected options.

The place to remove the Base 64 encoding is in the second bullet under
step 7.  The list box for "Encode text using:" has 3 selections: "None",
"Quoted Printable" and "Base 64".  "None" must be selected in order for
messages to be properly handled.



Go to Tools | Options | Miscellaneous and select "Discard styles before
sending messages".


Getting rid of Netscape Mail's double messages. Covers version 4. Maybe

Edit ->
Mail/News Preferences ->
Composition ->
Uncheck the box that says "Use HTML Composition Window"


From: Everett Holm 
Date: Fri, 24 Jan 1997 11:29:05 -0800

Turning off the RTF feature in selected mailers:

Microsoft Exchange/Microsoft Messaging
- In your address book, select the internet mail recipient.
- Select the address tab (usually the tab on the right and the one that
comes up by default.
- Uncheck the box that says 'Always send messages in Microsoft Exchange
rich text format.'
- Hit OK. Now your messages will go out in plain old type just like the
rest of our messages do.

Microsoft Internet Mail-
I tried finding a similar option for you all to select. Unfortunately, I
can only tell you I was able to send myself a message without any sort of
attachment popping up.
The settings I might suggest if you believe you are having problems with
the rtf attachments is under the Menu - MAIL/OPTIONS. Under the 'mail
sending format' select 'plain text'. Then under settings for plain text,
select MIME for your attachments and 'Encode sending text' as none.


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