29th october: all search engines now fixed and will search through all four and a half year's archives.

20th September: postscript to the postscript: the hard disk has been restored so the photo galleries and all the archives are now BACK. Searching the archives isn't fixed yet, it takes time :) I'll add new photo arrivals as time permits. Aren't postscripts supposed to be at the end? Pedant.

26th July: postscript to what's below: archives have been restored for the current year, and all four years' archives will be restored when replacement disk space is installed. Searching currently probably working for this year. Sillustrations back and other photos on the way...

Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 14:45:16 +0100 (BST)
From: The Fragrant World Of Princess Honey <honey@missprint.org>
To: sinister@missprint.org
Subject: Sinister: ADMIN: Sometimes Bad Things Happen All At Once

If Pooh Bear didn't ever say that he should have.  The more perceptive or
bored amongst you will have noticed that the Sinister archives on the
web site fell in a heap sometime last week.  The space to house these
archives and the facilities which allow my held-together-with-string
software to run are kindly lent from another site (nodata.org), and
that site has had a hard disk failure, a fact that rather sort of
underlines its choice of domain name in red and puts a ring round it.

Poor Aunt Sadie in the chatroom suffered a fall too, but she has had a
hip replacement, for those who have met her and may be concerned.  Eek,
as I typed that very sentence I've just realised that means the photo
galleries have disappeared too and goodness knows what else, so I'll
have to go back and add to the web page.  As Miss Print, I should also
assure the managers of other lists that live at missprint.org that I'll
try and knock things back to into shape when I'm able.

I'm sorry about this, and would suggest if you can't get to the
archives and want to read the list then to subscribe for now, but I
have a suspicion that there's a logic problem involved somewhere in
making that suggestion in this mail.  Anyway.

When poor Heath who kindly lends this space has (I hope) restored or
replaced the disk, I'll set about restoring the archives from copies,
and meantime I'll work on the photo galleries.  The list will continue
to work as usual, so don't worry about mails being lost.  I have
backups and currently believe none of your photos are lost, and am
quite sure none of your past mails are lost, so don't start hoping that
the embarrassing things you said about Jethro Tell in 1997 are gone.
No way.

Restoring the archives will take some time - last time we moved it
took weeks, due to various geeky reasons, and I have no reason to
believe these won't occur again, being a follower of the deterministic
materialistic school of philosophy, should it actually exist.
A lot more people have mailed me for stuff that the surrogate list
mummy Linda can't do and I have to, and they will have to be patient
souls, as always, but more so, because I am not feeling very chipper
after the wild sex-crazed drug-mashed time I had at all those
concerts (staying up til 12:30am, eating crisps, etc.).

* All Your Basses Are Belong To Us *

On the subject of Jethro Tull, or thereabouts, Peter Miller and a few
others have asked about Phil Lynott's perspex bass, supposedly in
Stuart's possession, and whether it goes "bong".  I am dismayed to
inform you that sources in the palace have denied that fact that the
bass was ever Phil's.  I think they said it was a present from the band
to Stuart though as prevously stated - aw.

So sorry to be the bringer of bad news on both counts.

Honey x

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