Miss Print's Printing House is a fine quality purveyor of electronic mailing lists to the gentry since 1997. It specialises in lists of a musical nature, but frankly isn't sniffy. It uses majordomo software which gives the list owner oodles of control over every aspect of list management. And of course, unlike other mailing list providers, none of the messages sent via your list contain drivelly adverts.

Miss Print will also archive your list here, and provide a searchable index - see examples here. No effort is required on the part of the list owner for archives - they just work. You get help manuals to help you manage your list and a web interface for list management should you wish to use it instead of managing via email. Your users also get a reference guide and quick guide to using the list, so you don't need to write one.

This site is not a commercial affair, but a collaborative effort to make something bigger from the individual lists housed here. For that reason, charges represent an attempt to spread the cost between list owners: usually of the order of 3-5/$5-7 a month depending on the size of the list. A full manual for running your list, and attentive, sexy management are on hand to fulfill your every wish as list owner. To back up these endeavours, Miss Print can also provide professionally run lists for organisations who require a advert-free, managed list with archives customised to their own needs. If you're interested in starting a list at missprint.org or wish to move a list from somewhere where they're sticking rotten adverts on them, send her a mail and ask.

It goes without saying that unlike some mailing list providers, Miss Print claims no ridiculous intellectual property rights over any of the material posted to your list, and won't ever misuse your or any of your subscribers' email addresses or sell them up the river. Your mailing list is yours, and the contents of material posted remains the property and responsibility of the person who sent it. She'll assist you in fighting the scourge of junk email and viruses, and given a proper configuration your list should be completely free from both.

Miss Print likes music so much that she's built a search engine to search for anything across all the music lists she archives, making searching for a favourite lp or band easy. She can also archive lists not run at missprint.org for free and with no effort to the list owner, providing there's space here. Mail her to ask about this if you own a list elsewhere and would like to try out an archive here.

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