"Girlz In Bras With Loud Guitarz"


"Lipzticks not Dipzticks"


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The Hiztory of  by Paul Gambaccini with insider gossip from Honey Droolz including the REAL TRUTH about Roolz!
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Coming Soon!  A  Manifezto from Droolz Manager, Mr Stevie Trousers, Sir
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Coming Soon Possibly!  Hair and Makeup Goddess Scarlet revealz ALL THOSE Droolz makeup secretz you were afraid to ASK!
Coming Soon Possibly!  Wardrobe Mistress Holly exclusively revealz  HER Year 2000 fashion plans for each Droolz Girlz!
Coming Soon Possibly!  Houseboy Damon Spillz the Beanz on life as a servant to the starz!
Coming Soon Possibly!  Stage Manager Supermodel Miss Lixi dishes the DIRT on life backstage!
Coming Soon Possibly! associate and woman of mystery Lulou shares her horticultural tipz from the Droolz Garden Of Sex!
Coming Soon Definitely!  Pookie discussez the Luscious Lacy Lingerie Loves and Lusts and Naughty Nightwear of Each of the Droolz Girlz!!!

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"Thighz And Breastz not Blokez In Vestz"